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This Day or the Next the Woodblock Prints of David Tim

David is a Bay Area transplant via a cicuitous route. Born in Toronto, David received his undergraduate Arts degree at Iowa State and then moved to the Bay Area to complete a Masters in Art at the San Francisco Art Institute in Printmaking. David joined our shop staff a year ago and split his time building frames with us, producing new work and educating students in printmaking. In his upcoming exhibition, This Day or the Next, David will be showing a number of his woodblock prints. David's prints are a nostalgic look at life in the black community. Prosaic moments, snapshots of life in the neighborhood are the province of David's artistic vision. These emotive works are universally appealing but speak to the specific black experience of family, celebration and childhood memories.

David's technique makes each individual print unique. David adds swatches of fabric into the presentation, layering texture and color into these intricately carved works- the color echoing the poignancy of the "memories" these works seem to recall. Because David is also a talented framer we've also decided to incorporate our own framing into the show. Our plan is to make a set of spline cornered frames milled from ebonized walnut to showcase the works. The spline material adds both strength to these oversized works but also an accent of color so we plan to choose some exotic hardwoods for the splines. We're excited to collaborate with David on this exhibition and framing of the show.

My work represents the pursuit of harmony between the individual and the community. It explores the relationship between the public and private sphere, as well as the rhythm within order and chaos. With woodcuts I can create a sense of time, rhythm and uniqueness to each of my works. They are records of my successes and mistakes, with each mark expressing a mood, a feeling and a time that endure.

-David Tim

This Day or the Next: The Woodblock Prints of David Tim February 29th through April 14th Reception for the Artist February 29th from 6-8 pm

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