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The Flat Files Show Archives from Top Bay Area Artists

We always love a group show for the holiday season as it offers eager shoppers and art lovers a variety to choose from. This year we've decided to ask local artists for something from their archives. Most artist have a treasure trove of works in their archives so we thought we would challenge them to bring out something special for an eclectic show. We've asked them to just drop it in an envelope or roll it in a tube and send it to us and we'll handle the framing. It's a chance for artist's to pull something special from their inventory and for us to show off our framing to boot. We do a lot of shows but rarely do much framing for them. This is our chance to contribute and the framing is free for the artist. We hope you like the results. With some many variables going into the show we think the resulting show should be an exciting collaboration between artist and framer.

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