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OBSCURA the art of Yosiell Lorenzo, Felicia Ann and Danielle Schlunegger

Join us this Saturday at 7:00 for a night of Mystery and Macabre. Yosiell Lorenzo and Felicia Ann were both featured artists in our 510 All Stars show this past December and their panels were both popular entries. We've also featured Yosiell's "Sicklings" in a window installation in the past. Yosiell and Felicia Ann have created works especially themed for this show so the exhibit promises to be a very special one. Choosing some of the most infamous murderers in history as their inspiration they've created new works featuring female versions of these villains. Read more below to find out more about the artists.

Felicia Ann is a freelance artist and graphic designer. Her works are highly stylized, atmospheric images of the female form. Her art is a heady blend of Asian traditional art, pop culture and graphic design. She works with oils, acrylics as well as print making and mixed media.

Felicia currently works out of her studio at Faultline Artspace in Oakland. To see more images of her work visit her website at

Yosiell Lorenzo's work draws inspiration from these early influences, reflecting the darker elements of the human condition and the mysteries of the supernatural world. Yosiell incorporates a variety of textures, often using the palette of earth tones or dark colors. He works in varying mediums including sculpture, painting, ink and digital art. Yosiell creates Victorian era inspired illustrations along with resin figures called Sicklings. Many of the illustrations are influenced by the spiritualist movement of the times. Each has the subtle feel of the sepia toned photos of the 1800’s.

Danielle Schlunegger's work recreates extinct specimens of the past. These artistic taxidermic creations combine the skills of a craftsman, a devotion to scientific rigor and the passion of an artist. She makes repairs to artifacts and recreates extinct animals based on the field notes and journals of the amateur naturalist Marcus Kelli. We are excited to see the installation she is preparing for our window and how it complements the work of her studio mates. Find out more about her work at

OBSCURA opens Saturday August 22nd through October 7th. Reception for the Artists Saturday the 22nd 7-9

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