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the Inexplicable Goings-Ons of Peter Harris and Molly Kars

Two of our favorite illustrators and a lovely young couple combine to create a surreal world of anthropomorphic animals and obscure themes. We have shown Molly and Peter recently in our 510 All Stars Show and both made two of the show favorites. Peter Harris's "Drunk Bunnies" sold in presale and he revisits the degenerate bunny theme here. His past show at Nielsen Arts was "Foofaraw" where he took a more conventional exploration of Fairy Tale and Storybook themes- including Alice and Wonderland and Winnie the Pooh. Most memorably, Harris's "Moby Dick"

dominated the show with the eponymous whale featured slain and foundering light trickles through the water illuminating the victorious Pequod overhead. In Inexplicable Goings-Ons" Peter explores the underbelly of his fairy tale characters and along with other themes. We are excited to see the work and looking forward to another fabulous window installation to accompany the show. Molly Kars's Van Goat was the other big hit of the 510 All Stars Exhibit and features Van Gogh's The Postman as a goat. Kars's homage to Van Gogh's original work emulates the master stroke for stroke and except for the cheeky substitution of the subject. Kars often inserts Goats into the

Canon of Great Works with wondrous effect. Her treatment is skilled and respectful and no actual goats are harmed in the making of the pieces. Here, Molly and Peter work together to create a collection unique for this show at Nielsen Arts. We invite you to join us for "The Inexplicable Goings-Ons of Peter W Harris and Molly Kars" Personified Animals, Traditional Mediums and Obscure Themes Presented. Safe and Comfortable Environment. Join us for a reception for the Artists. April 18th from 7-9. Refreshments Provided.

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