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510 All Stars Round Two

We've selected 50 Local Artists Making an impact in the Bay Area Art Scene.

Nielsen Arts has been exhibiting Art Shows every other month for the past 8 years. That's quite a few shows and we've been honored to show with fine talent in our immediate neighborhood as well as artists showing more frequently in the Oakland Art world. It's a heady mix of talents we've assembled and the styles and mediums abound. We've included sculpture artists like locally famed Mudflat Artist Tyler Hoare, Michael Tunk a pop-culture collage artist and even a whimsical local mosaic artist Wilma Wyss who've conformed their art to the confines of the 10 x 10 wood panels. The styles and disciplines are omnivorous as well. We've included conventional landscape painters like Kanna Aoki and Graphic Illustrator cum landscape painter Christopher Peterson on the same wall with the fantastic surrealist work of Oakland artist John Casey or counterpointed by the beautiful abstract work of Kelly Ording. The show looks to be quite the spectacle with the splashy graphic colors of street and pop art mingling with more traditional mediums and styles.

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