About the Artist

Haoyun Erin Zhao is a multidisciplinary artist based in San Francisco, California working in printmaking, painting, sculpture, and installation. Growing up in Southern China where ethnic art and cultures inspired Zhao’s early interest in how hand-repetition involved creating intricate patterns and forms, she was motivated to develop a creative expression that unifies body and mind. The artist’s relocation to the United States at the age of seventeen introduced her to a new set of cultures and influences. As her exposure to eastern and western influence grows and intersects, it led her interest to explore and investigate multicultural influences on human psychology, aesthetics, and activity. Rooted in her study of Eastern and Western Philosophy, Zhao’s work explores the intangibility of perception through the physicality of her materials. Paying particular attention to the interaction of light, color, and form, Zhao uses transparency and abstraction to mimic the ethereal and elusive nature of human consciousness. Through her practice, the artist continues to experience and explore the connections between physical objects and non-physical mediums (e.g., light, emotion, consciousness, etc.)

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