Finders Keepers is a colorful and surreal fairytale about the unknown space between life and death. The story follows the journey of the main character, who after falling into a coma, slips away into her subconscious. In this surreal world her body breaks into pieces and each must embark on a journey to come back together to reality. Through the lens of a fairy tale Dean explores grief and loss and the feeling of finding answers in the unknown.

The book project was two years in the making and made possible through the support and funding of kickstarter backers. Finders Keepers is narrated with 40 pages of rich colorful art and writing that nods to the fairy tales and folklore of the past.

Original works from the book will be on display and the book will be available for sale.

The New Mythos the Art of Raúl D'Mauries. We're big fans of vintage horror and the Cthuhlu Mythos so we are excited to showcase the works of Oakland Artist, Raúl D'Mauries. Raul's nightmarish landscapes pay homage to classic horror tropes while making his own mark on the genre. If you're a fan, too, you'll want to stay tuned for the Facebook event and join us for the reception next month.

We always love a group show for the holiday season as it offers eager shoppers and art lovers a variety to choose from.  This year we've decided to ask local artists for something from their archives.  Most artist have a treasure trove of works in their archives so we thought we would challenge them to bring out something special for an eclectic show.  We've asked them to just drop it in an envelope or roll it in a tube and send it to us and we'll handle the framing.  It's a chance for artist's to pull something special from their inventory and for us to show off our framing to boot.  We do a lot of shows but rarely do much framing for them.  This is our chance to contribute and the framing is free for the artist.  We hope you like the results.  With some many variables going into the show we think the resulting show should be an exciting collaboration between artist and framer. 

We're eager to start our Fall Art Season.  Happily our first show is strictly "for the birds".  We've long been orni-centric here and have featured two benefits for the Audubon Society at Nielsen Arts and have found that the neighborhood of Solano Avenue is filled with bird lovers and enthusiasts eager for paintings and photography or any celebration of bird life.   So it's with great relish that we announce the solo show of San Francisco painter, Joshua Coffy.

Josh is no stranger to our gallery as he's participated in our last two East Bay All Star Shows and his prints have been a popular retail item in our shop.  Now is our chance to feature his original works on the subject of local Bay Area Birds.  Josh has a unique mixed media approach to his works and combines his incredible talent with the paint brush with layers of fabric, texture and collage.  Join us for Local Plumage the solo works of Joshua Coffy October 21st from 6-8.  We're featuring a tea bar for this recep...

We invite you to a very special exhibit- a retrospective of the work of William L Jolly, Professor Emeritus at the Department of Chemistry and a pioneering artist in the Solarization movement and author of Solarization Demystified.   In lieu of Reception for the show we encourage visitors to come during the East Bay Open Studio Saturdays or at your convenience during Gallery Hours M-Saturday 10-6 pm.

     William Lee Jolly taught himself to take photographs and develop film using his father's Retina I after discovering the limitations of his Kodak Brownie camera.  Later, during summer vacations from chemistry studies at the University of Illinois he worked in photographic papers-connected departments for the Kodak Film Company. 

In the '70's, Bill invented along with chemistry professor and photographer Clarence Rainwater, an effective developer for producing the Sabatier Effect and formed SOLAROL Company to market the product which was later taken on by Br...

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